The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023

The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023

The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023.

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO. It is the practice of growing a website’s traffic from search results. SEO involves organic traffic or unpaid traffic.

It improves your website so that it can rank higher. Because the higher the website will be listed the higher number of audience will see it.

Three components of SEO:

  1. On-page SEO.
  2. Off-page SEO.
  3.  Technical SEO.
The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023.
The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023.

On-page SEO:

On-page SEO refers to optimizing various components of your website to improve the quality of the website. This further help gets good traffic and lastly, earn rankings.

In addition, On-page SEO components include content elements, site architecture elements, and HTML elements.

The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023

Elements of On page SEO:

  • High-quality page content.
  • Page titles.
  • Header.
  • Meta description.
  • Image Alt text.
  • Structured markup.
  • Page URLs.
  • Internal linking.
  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • Site speed.

High-Quality Page Content-

High-quality page content should be valuable, specific, and lastly unique. The images you use in your post should be relevant to the topic, it should present both your words and image. Write your post according to the audience specifically. You should be active on your website if your audience has any issue you should be available to solve it immediately. Your content should be attractive so that people like to share it and link to it. Optimize for conversions with CTA’s to offer and product pages.

Page Titles-

Your page title should be clear for search engines and it should be described well as it is equally important. A page title is also known as a Title tag. It is equally important to include your focus keyword for each page. Few things to keep in mind while developing page titles-

1. Keep it under 60 characters.

2. Don’t stuff the title with keywords.

3. Make it relevant with the keyword.

4. Don’t use all capitals.

5. Include your brand in the title.

Elements Of On-Page SEO.
The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023.


Headers are also known as body tags. These refer to the HTML elements <h1> <h2> <h3> and so on. Headers are the tags that help you organize your content for your readers and also helps the search engine distinguish which part of your content is most important and relevant, depending on the search engine.

The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023

Meta Description-

A meta description is a short paragraph that appears under the title in search results. Furthermore, few things to keep in mind for a good meta description- 1. Keep it under 60 characters, 2. Include your entire keyword/keyphrase, 3. Use a complete compelling sentence, 4. Avoid alphanumeric characters.

Image Alt-text-

Image Alt text is the SEO for your images. Besides it makes it easy for Google and users to find what they are looking for as Google shows the result based on the image name. Furthermore, few things to keep in mind while adding Image alt text- 1. Make it specific, 2. Make it relevant to the content, 3. Keep it under 125 characters, 4. Use your whole keyword and don’t stuff your keyword.

Some More Elements Of SEO.
The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023.

Structured Markup-

Structured markup is also known as structured data. Besides it is a language like HTML, it communicates data to search engines for them to display the content in a representative manner. Structured markup is considered technical seo but it also optimizes and creates a good on-page experience for the audience.

Page URLs-

Your URLs should be simple so that it would be easy for the Google search engine and audience to find. It is also important as you keep internal and external links on your page. Few things to keep in mind while writing SEO-friendly URLs- 1. Remove the extra words, 2. Use only one or two keywords, 3. Try to use HTTPS as Google now uses that as a positive ranking factor.

On-Page SEO Techniques

Internal Linking-

An internal link is a link that is interlinked with your other pages of the website. This helps google and your audience to spend more time on your website. Moreover, this is valuable to the website as it helps SEO to rank your website. Audience spending more time on your website also makes Google crawl and index your site pages. The search engine also allows you to find what content on your website is connected.

Mobile Responsiveness-

Mobile responsiveness is basically how your website is easily accessible on mobile phones. The website should change the screen fit size to your mobile screen when opened in it. Your website should have an easy layout and designs to be operated on mobile devices as it gives the audience a better experience. A website should be both big and small-screen-friendly.

On-Page SEO Techniques.
The Complete Guide To SEO In 2023.

Site Speed-

While opening your website either on a desktop or mobile screen shouldn’t take much time. it should be able to load quickly. If your site speed is slow users might not wait for it to load they will probably just leave the page and search for any other website which will further affect your SEO in bad ranking. Site speed can impact conversions. Your site speed should be good as the users open the link it should open quickly.

Checklist Of On-Page SEO

Now after the elements of SEO here comes the On-Page checklist of SEO

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